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Out of this world
birthday cake.
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3, 2, 1, blast off. A
great invitation for an
outer space party.
Here is a fun decoration that
will grab the attention of your
party guests - the Cardboard
Astro Rocket available at
Need a fun party activity
for your little astronauts?
Have them help decorate
this cardboard rocket.
Provide markers and
stickers and let
the fun begin
Out of this World Birthday
Have a little astronaut on the way?
Here are some great finds for an
out of this world shower.

This adorable invitation from is just
perfect for a baby shower.

Looking for the perfect gift for a
space themed shower? Try this
space towel cake.
Planning an out of this world birthday for your kiddo? Here
are some ideas.

There are endless options when it comes to space-themed
toys. Try sending one with your invitation.

Enclose inflatable planet with invite or write party details on
the planet itself. "Our universe won't be complete without
you. Please join us for an out of this world birthday

Send a friendly toy martian in the mail with an invite that
reads: Take me to your leader for Andy's 10th birthday

Enclose miniature toy space shuttle with the message: "Join
us as we go where no man has gone before, Jason's 8th
Out of this World Baby Shower
Decorate your party with the
planets in our universe.
These inflatable planets are
just the thing!

Add this great party
decoration and use it for
photo opps for children up to
age 7.
Party Favors:
Want some awesome party
favors? First, try this space
mission favor box. Add some
great treats like delicious
gummy shuttle candy,
shuttle lollipops, astronaut
ice cream and more. All of
which can be found at:
Cardboard Rocket