Details Make the Party
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Vampires & Villains
Guest taking advantage of photo opportunity.
Blood Bank Cards and Shot Pens
Blood IV Dispenser Bar
Bite-Me Sour Lollies
6-candle Chandelier
Grave Site Buffet Table
This year's theme for our annual Halloween party was Vampires & Villains. To
create interest and excitement, we sent guests a black glossy box with a round
label on the lid that read Vampires & Villains. Inside, resting on a bed of artificial
red rose petals, was a set of vampire fangs and attached to the inside of the lid
was a blood capsule. A black tri-fold invitation was enclosed with all the event
details. Guests were asked to come as their favorite villain or vampire, past or
present, imaginary or real life.

To set the stage for arriving guests, a gray coffin lined in red tufted silk, was
placed upright with the lid set off to the side. Each guest was encouraged to step
inside and pose for a photo that would later be printed and available to take

Setup next to the coffin was a red glowing ice luge with two drinking spouts. A
sign was posted listing the beverages, all red of course. Vampire teeth were
available as well as vampire bite tattoos to mark victims before they stepped
inside the house.

Inside, a blood bank bar was set up with three hanging IV bottle dispensers.
Each held a different type of blood: AB-, O+ and V (for virgin blood. made of red
punch). A place card stating each blood type and black shot glasses were set at
each IV dispenser. After sampling the blood types, guests filled out Blood Bank
Cards for a chance to win a gift basket with two bottles of vampire wine.

The food table was covered in silver and black brocade silk with a raised grave in
the center. A silver headstone was flanked by 6-foot twisted silver branches with
cascading silver leaves. The grave was comprised of black rocks of varying
sizes, silver and clear decorative stones and small clear beads. In the center was
a recessed pan of water with an electronic fogger. A black hand holding a crucifix
thrust its way through the rocks and mist.

The wall the table was set against was covered in black from ceiling to floor. Red
fabric showed through tattered black fabric behind the headstone. On each side
of the table hung crystal chandeliers with white taper candles.

At the end of the evening, guests were given goody bags to fill with treats. The
parting gift was a black heart-shaped lollipop with “Bite Me” piped in white icing.
Vampire Wine Gift Basket
Ice Luge Beverage Sign
Close-up of hand in Grave
Details that Made the Party
Vampires & Villains Invite
Witches Brew Mix
Frankenstein's Castle Buffet
Road Kill Cupcakes
Monstrous Host & Hostess