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4th Birthday
Dinosaur Food Table
La Brea Tarpit Dessert Bar
Party Products:
Dino Crossing
Some items that
made the theme
come alive
Details that Made the Party
to have a “Roaring” good time. Guests were greeted by a 4 foot inflatable T-rex with
were inflatable dinosaurs throughout the room. The main dish was Brontosaurus
home to a inflatable flying pterodactyl and triceratops. The table included red, a
large display of veggies cut to resemble vegetation. The spread included long, thin
slices of celery, carrots, cucumbers, pepper rings and more. The raw tips of the
celery were placed in a hollowed out pepper to resemble a plant.

The birthday cake was a sheet cake with an overflowing volcano on top. There was
a pool of water lined by chocolate rocks and two dinosaurs on top that roared.

After the cake was cut, guests lined up at the La Brea Tar Pit dessert bar. An
assortment of ice cream flavors were available and countless topping options. Here
are just a few:

Prehistoric Sand - Crushed graham crackers
Prehistoric Dirt - Crushed Oreo Cookies
Gummy Worms
Chocolate Marshmallows

As guests departed, each was given a bags of Lava Gum as a parting gift.
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The themed wall scene ended up taking paint and
sheetrock off of the wall. But, the inflatable super
heroes, tiered cake and birthday boy in Spiderman
costume were great. Invite was a bubblegum machine
bubble with comic strip, Bazooka gum and hero ring.
Super Hero
A challenge for this party planner. A Dumbo party at a
time when Dumbo items are scarce. Fun popcorn
holders with circus peanut candy, elephant sugar
cookies, Admit one tickets and balloons for decoration.
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Water fun at this July birthday party. Invites are
laminated custom designed Splash Down passes.
Several pools of varying sizes and water guns kepts
kids on the run and cooled off.
Splash Down