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It’s your turn to host Bunco night, or perhaps you are
planning your daughter’s 16th birthday party. If you are like
me, you already have ideas running through your head as
you begin searching on the Internet for items that will make
your party special and unique. Hopefully, you find exactly
what you are looking for, but more times than not your
search may end in frustration.

Trust me, I have been there! I have spent countless hours
searching for the perfect invitation or centerpiece and
found nothing useful. That’s why I decided to create a
website that would help people host fun, exciting and
unique events. Whether new party themes, event ideas,
product suggestions, or décor, this site will help you
transform your party from the ordinary into the

This website is about being unique, thinking outside the
box, and hosting parties where guests say: “Wow. How did
you ever think of that?”

Even if you are one those people that are happy to make a
trip to the local party supply store to purchase everything
you’ll need, go ahead and look around. You can still get
some great ideas you might decide to use, or pass on
to a friend.
Why Details Make the Party?